SanV. MusicMusic composer and producer

Name: Sandra Vuković
Born: Czech Republic (1985)
Children: David
Marital status: Divorced
Horoscope: Lion

INFLYMUTE SanV is an indication for the ONE_MAN BAND INFLYMUTE. SanV was born in the Czech Republic in 1985.

She loves music of more genres, thats the reason why her musical works  are as one big mix of genres. Even before she he began with music production, she published a lot of nice paintings and drawings too. You could see her works also with the signature SanRean or SanReanArt (more).

As a music composer, she was published her first music in February 2016 and on August in 2017 SanV changed her art nickname to INFLYMUTE.

The only one man in her life is her son.

Inflymute SanV

SanV creates instrumental electronic music of more genres. She most like real instruments and real sounds, but, because a computer is the only instrument what she has at this moment. Exactly, by music compositing she is still learning something else and new, and thanks to that, she better knew herself also.


What can I say about myself? I still watch my father’s steps becouse he is a Czech musician all his life! He is my icon, teacher and great inspiration! I was 7 years old when I first went to his concert. Since then, I’ve enjoyed many of his concerts as soon as possible. I can not go to his concerts today, but when I’m compositing a music of same genre, I’m thinking about my father every time. I imagine him how he’s playing my music on his bass guitars or drums, or playing it with guys in his band.

music sanvI felt my love for music at an early childhood, but it wasn’t until I was fifteen that I asked my father to teach me playing the drums. I fell in love to playing drums and learned everyday . Just two months later, a boy’s group accepted me as their drummer, but I left they just a few months later for a family reasons.

Since then, I’ve spent all my free time with my father’s band. I helped him with music, went to the rehearsal room, attended recording studios, helped promote … somehow , I was a proud member of his music world. And my father don’t knew any other world …

Life by his side, and everything what I went through in the music world with him, I terribly miss. I don’t have more opportunity to spend my time with my father, or any other, real musicians. That’s why I began to devote myself to my own work, at least in the form of electronic, instrumental music.

The great day when some real musician will could say about me “Yes, SanV is a musician” will come, I hope!

So now you could knew me a little bit … I’ll be glad for any support.

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